I just had to upload this chair I found on Coroflots website which is all about . I love the curves, the size and dynamics of the chair. It reminds of a Porsche 911 just in a chair format. Having looked at a all the photos, I am less sure about the quality of the workmanship, (or the fabric), which has gone into making this chair. The seams looks a bit weak and that is something I would definitely query before buying it. Also, I am not sure about the size of it. You really will require a massive living room in order to house this baby. (Which is a luxury most Londoner's don't have, I might add.)

I have never heard of Nico Klaeber, but perhaps this is not so strange as he is young man with a very small portfolio. All I can say is. Nico, keep up the good work, and if I was you I would focus on either making a range based on the same concept or sell the design of to someone else who can put it into production.

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