European Heritage - Little known, but well worth a visit.

This week I am going to write an article about a little known shop in Fulham, London, namely European Heritage.



European Heritage has been one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers since I established Preisler Construction Ltd. back in 2005. Helen, the owner, runs a tight ship with qualified staff members and very little turnover in terms of employees. Mike and Tracy, (now sadly departed to work for Mapei), springs to mind as knowledgeable, competent staff members with advise on everything from sealants to wetrooms and underfloor heating. As a contractor, this information is not so important to me personally today, but it is wonderful to know that you can send your customer's down to a group of individuals who are customer friendly, professional and knowledgeable about their trade.


However, initially that was not the reason why I used them. They offer a massive range with everything from Limestone and Travertine to Ceramic and Porcelain tiles, with an emphasis on natural stone. As a lot of our customer's lean towards the natural look, this is a great place to send them to. Set over two floors, the basement is an Eldorado for anyone looking to refurbish a kitchen or a bathroom.They have grouped the materials well, and does more than just inspire visitors. More than one customer of ours have simply purchased what they saw on the walls and floors in one of the many cubicles in the basement. I recommend you ask one of the staff to follow you around, comment on what you see and then take the advise and comments of the staff member on board. They know their stuff and instead of you wasting hours, a few comments may save you both time and money.


Over the years, I have sent both professional developers and residential customer's to European Heritage, and always with the same result. They come away awed by the range, and especially the developers are generally impressed with their lead times. European Heritage's warehouse is just around the corner from the shop, and they hold most of their display items in stock at all times.

Indeed a little gem hidden away in Fulham.


Showroom address:
48-54 Dawes Road
London SW6 7EN

Tel: 020 7381 6063

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