Preisler Construction Ltd. featured in 25 Beautiful Homes, August issue.

So, we were featured in the magazine 25 Beautiful Homes on page 148-153 for a property renovation we did for Julie and Dan Harriss five years ago in Chiswick. Basically the whole house was refurbished from top to bottom adding a loft conversion and a house extension in the process.


"Despite her careful spending, Julie could not resist splashing out on a few bespoke finishes. These include the new walnut flooring for the living area, a large chest of drawers for her bedroom, and also some handsome vanity units for the bathroom. The units were all made by Interior Designer Martin Preisler, who Julie says was a major source of inspiration. "He even created some striking walnut splashbacks in the kitchen which are faced with glass to protect the wood." She says.

Luckily for us, Preisler Construction Ltd. is referred to four times next to the photos of our work. Before going any further, I am just going to show you a photo of the kitchen and the house extension.


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I just had to upload this chair I found on Coroflots website which is all about . I love the curves, the size and dynamics of the chair. It reminds of a Porsche 911 just in a chair format. Having looked at a all the photos, I am less sure about the quality of the workmanship, (or the fabric), which has gone into making this chair. The seams looks a bit weak and that is something I would definitely query before buying it. Also, I am not sure about the size of it. You really will require a massive living room in order to house this baby. (Which is a luxury most Londoner's don't have, I might add.)

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