European Heritage - Little known, but well worth a visit.

This week I am going to write an article about a little known shop in Fulham, London, namely European Heritage.



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Trends in the High End segment of the construction industry.

To those of you not familiar with refurbishments, you will be surprised to hear that construction work is a bit like fashion. It may be more slow moving, but basically the trends change all the time. One moment people want to have spotlights, then they want soft wall iighting. Six years ago people wanted to have transparent oiled oak planks. This was followed by five years of people going crazy over walnut. Although this trend still prevails in some aspect of carpentry, when it comes to flooring this trend is definitely on the retreat. We have worked with a number of architects over the last couple of years, (more specifically David Rea Architects and DDWH Architects  Ltd.), and they are both moving towards grey tones in everything they do.


We just finished a total refurbishment of an apartment in West Hampstead. I will write about that particular project in detail in another blog, as it deserves to have an article in its own right. This article, however, is more to do with the above mentioned trend and a comparison between a few suppliers of plank flooring in general. So, for this particular project DDWH Architects Ltd. had specified a Grey Oak from Ecora. We probably lay 30 floors a years, and as usual, I was just expecting a standard plank. However, when it arrived, I was positively surprised by the quality, colour, width/length of the board itself.

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