Aquavista Panoramic Aquarium as part of a renovation?

As part of a renovation in Highgate London, we had to get rid of an old aquarium. In this context our customer was contemplating buying a new one, but since he could not find anything which matched the new interior he decided not to have one installed after all.


However, over Christmas I had a bit of time to browse the net, and suddenly I found this:




The Aquavista Panoramic Aquarium basically looks like a wall-mounted plasma TV. It is stylish but does not dominate the room. (That is, unless you want it to of course, in which case you just buy some blue corals and a couple of bright green fish, and you are off.)


Personally I have always loved aquariums for the soothing, colorful and serene feel they provide, but I have never seriously considered buying one even when I renovated my own flat here in London, mostly because of the maintenance that is involved with having one. (I managed to kill a cactus once.) Besides, I have always found them to be too bulky and dirty looking.


That is not the case with the Aquavista aquarium which comes in two sleek space-saving designs with black or silver surround, and with either a black or mirror effect background. Also, it comes with a pretty cool looking embedded touch screen control. (Other accessories includes a VERY important automatic feeder, (the manufactuer says it requires less than 15 minutes of maintenance a month), carbon dioxide generator, integrated lighting, pump and dual filtration.) What more can you possibly want from an aquarium, I ask?


As we have now finished the renovation in London , I sent an email to our previous customer with the details. He loved it, and is now considering putting one in his living room.


Perhaps I should just mention that it comes in various dimensions, most commonly 4, 6 and 7 feet wide, but you can get them all the way up to ten feet wide. And, yes, although it is an American brand , they are being sold in London too. In the UK the prices ranges from around 600 to 1200 £.

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