Top 5 Designer Towel Rails.

When it comes to bathroom refurbishments most customers have a hard time deciding which bathroom fittings to buy. I have therefore decided to devote a few entries in our blog to pinpoint a few of the bathroom fittings that I would recommend when carrying out a bathroom refurbishment in London.


As the title of this article will tell you, I have decided to list a few of the towel rails that I have come across which I find aesthetically pleasing bearing in mind that the current trend in towel rails dictates a square or at least a flat panel look. The criteria for the list below are as follows: They should 1) be in line with the current trend, 2) look good in most bathrooms, and 3) still remain timeless when the current trend comes to an end.


1. First up is the Aeon Cat Ladder Towel Rail:



It is contemporary, unique and would not look out of place in a high-end hotel. Furthermore, it is surprisingly cheap compared to most other radiators in the same quality range as prices start at 323 £ Incl. VAT.









Source: Victorian Plumbing London


2. Next up is the Panorama Towel Rail:



Sleek, horizontal design which will perhaps appeal mostly to men due to its minimalistic design. The only downside is the price tag. 820-1140 £ Incl. VAT subject to the finish you want.





Source: Cosy Rooms


3. We are currently working on a building site, where we are fitting The Felino Towel Rail. I can assure you that the below photo does not do it justice:



A great design, and a reasonable priced towel rail. The price starts at 293.99 £, Incl. VAT.






Source: Adige Towel Radiators


4. The Snake 66 looks the business for sure. You need to have a pretty modern designed home to pull it off, but in the right environment it will look great. As far as I can tell The Radiator Gallery is the only place where you can get it from in the UK.



Turn on the heat, turn on the style. Pretty cool, if you ask me.


Price: 1065 £, Incl. VAT.




Not Available.

Source: The Radiator Gallery


5. And finally, something which will blend in to most decors, the Planus Towel Rail:

Why is the Planus radiator included, as obviously it does not comply with the criteria stipulated in the beginning of the article, you may ask? Well, it is included simply because it is unobtrusive, practical and timeless. The only downside is that it is electric. I definitely prefer water based towel rails. Having said that, I may just make an exception with this little baby.


Price: From 323 £, Incl. VAT.






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