Top 5 Designer Towel Rails.

When it comes to bathroom refurbishments most customers have a hard time deciding which bathroom fittings to buy. I have therefore decided to devote a few entries in our blog to pinpoint a few of the bathroom fittings that I would recommend when carrying out a bathroom refurbishment in London.


As the title of this article will tell you, I have decided to list a few of the towel rails that I have come across which I find aesthetically pleasing bearing in mind that the current trend in towel rails dictates a square or at least a flat panel look. The criteria for the list below are as follows: They should 1) be in line with the current trend, 2) look good in most bathrooms, and 3) still remain timeless when the current trend comes to an end.


1. First up is the Aeon Cat Ladder Towel Rail:



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Aquavista Panoramic Aquarium as part of a renovation?

As part of a renovation in Highgate London, we had to get rid of an old aquarium. In this context our customer was contemplating buying a new one, but since he could not find anything which matched the new interior he decided not to have one installed after all.


However, over Christmas I had a bit of time to browse the net, and suddenly I found this:




The Aquavista Panoramic Aquarium basically looks like a wall-mounted plasma TV. It is stylish but does not dominate the room. (That is, unless you want it to of course, in which case you just buy some blue corals and a couple of bright green fish, and you are off.)

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